2018 Brides! Here is your Wedding Planning Timeline!

2018 Brides
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We had an overwhelmingly positive response the last time we released planning guides for our couples who have the big day coming up, so we’re back again to help out our 2018 Brides/Grooms finish out the year with their planning!


This is the 6-months remaining timeline off of a 12-month planning schedule. If you don’t see it listed, it’s because you should have already done it! If you’re behind, do not stress; you totally have this!!

If you find that you would like additional help, send us a message or email and we’ll help get you back on track!


Choosing a themefor your wedding

We suggest using http://www.withjoy.com for your wedding website and for your Honeymoon Fund use http://www.honeymoonfund.com.

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Choosing music for your wedding is a big challenge. What we suggest to our couples is to have fun with it. Pour a glass of wine, sit down together on the couch with a pad of paper and start playing around on YouTube. You literally have no idea where you’ll end up!

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Touch base with your vendors, make sure they have all information they need and it helps keep you and your wedding at the forefront of their mind.

Finalizing your menu, flowers and design is a huge step that once you’ve finished you feel accomplished! It’s one of my favorite things to check off the list. If you’re leaning towards Silk Flowers, check out a whole array of styles and see how well they photograph and look!

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Drafting a Day-Of Timeline is a challenge. I suggest starting in the middle with your Ceremony start time. Work backwards to figure out your “Getting Ready Timeline” and your “Decoration/Setup Timeline”. Work forwards from the Ceremony start time to finalize the rest of the day.

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What I really want to make sure you do here is GET YOUR WEDDING LICENSE!
I cannot tell you how leaving this to the last minute is a huge mistake. Each state is different and often times they require extra paperwork or certain identifications that you don’t know of. If you don’t have this for your wedding day, your Officiant cannot legally pronounce you Husband & Wife. So, stay on top of this task.

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Rehearsal Dinner outfits are easier to shop for than you think. If you want to wear white, then go ahead. If you want to wear Red, Black, whatever! It’s literally your weekend. I myself went with “The Little Black Dress”. Bought it off of Amazon for $15.

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This is where even the Bridechillas start to get stressed. Just take one day at a time, one task at a time and remember that once this is all done you and your bestie will be married for life!

For the girls that don’t like to get their nails done (raises both hands!); I suggest ColorStreet. (No, I don’t sell it). It’s real fingernail polish that you peel off the paper, stick on your nail, and it lasts on average 14 days! I bought enough for me and all my bridesmaids to wear for the wedding day and included some in their Bridesmaid Gift Boxes. It’s usually Buy 3 Get 1 Free, so I scored another set for the Honeymoon!

Shangri-LaFrench Meet Me In ParisEarly Blooms


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This is the point where you just let everything go. Ride the wave of emotion, take the time to enjoy the Family & Friends that came here to celebrate you both. No decisions, no stressing over whatever pops up!

Celebrate your Love!