Sweating for the Wedding!


How can I lose weight for my wedding?
Help! I need to drop the weight fast!
I’m getting married and I’d like to tone up for the wedding.


Follow these 3 steps and you’ve got it in the bag!
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What does “Eat Right” mean?

1) Drink water
2) Drink fresh juices (not store bought)
3) Eat Healthy Fats
(Avocado, Grass-Fed Butter, Whole Eggs, Nuts, Healthy Oils)
4)  Eat more veggies!
(seasonal is best, check out your local Farmer’s Market)
5) Cut out sugar
(if you love chocolate like me, try these Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies)
6) Eat more often, but less
(eating smaller portions more often helps regulate your blood sugar)

-Start your day off with a glass of water BEFORE you have any coffee. Water will wake you up faster than coffee ever could and it gets your vital organs the wake up call they need.

-Having 1 glass of Fresh Juice a day will jump start your weight loss and get your body back into the vitality it needs. Tip: Drink carrot juice on the big day to help your skin glow. Juicing doesn’t have to be done with an expensive machine.
Check out our shop for our favorite budget friendly juicer!
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Drink Water!!

Yeah, I’m going to say it again, Drink Water! I cannot tell you how important this is. Drinking water alone will help alleviate so many ailments that people walk around with. Check out what staying hydrated can do for your body.

1) Glowing Skin
2) Helps prevent migraines/headaches
3) Helps skin cells regenrate
4) Anti-aging properties
5) Curb Hunger Cravings

There really is a TON more, maybe I’ll do another post just on water. Either way, DRINK WATER!

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I know what you’re thinking, everyone knows this already!

It’s true, we all know that working out is necessary for our bodies, it’s the lack of motivation and the daily stresses that keep it from happening.

Personally, I battle with Low-Blood Pressure, Bad-Knees, Stress-Fractures & Plantar Fasciitis in my feet so that eliminates A LOT of workouts for me. I have found 3 key workouts that I can do and they actually show results without causing me a migraine or intense foot pain.


My favorite 3 words! Rowing, Swimming and Yoga!

What really sold me on these workouts is they are low-impact (which my body appreciates), they can be both High & Low Intensity (keeps my blood pressure in check) and they workout your WHOLE body!

Rowing: You can do this in your living room!

We shopped around and found the best price for you on beginning rowing machines. This is the best we found on Amazon that has awesome ratings! I have this same Rowing Machine in my office!

Swimming Workout

If you’re part mermaid, you’ll love doing this workout!
You already have everything you’ll need:

Find your local YMCA, Aquatic Center or Rec Center and go lap swimming. Most places charge between $2 or $3 a day.


This is the Full Body Workout you need without the high impact on your bones. Swimming works everything and is a great way to zone out and relax a little.

Yoga Workout

There are so many poses and ways to create your perfect Yoga Flow. Start with these and work your way up to being able to hold them between 2-3 minutes each. Yoga is easy to start right now in your own home, you just need to make sure your poses are reflected correctly so that you get their full benefit.

Yoga will help you deal with the stress that wedding planning can bring, strengthen your core and help you tone.

Above all else, remember that you are beautiful. These workouts are intended to help you become healthy. You’re getting married, which means your other half already loves you for who you are.
Enjoy this experience together.