The bridal bouquet is an essential part of a modern bride’s outfit, whether it be a lavish opulent affair or a simple garden wedding at the family home. It is true that flowers add visual beauty and a touch of romance to a wedding, but there are deeper reasons for their presence.

A Bride carrying flowers has its roots in ancient times. In Ancient Rome, brides carried or wore flower garlands, believing that flowers signify new beginnings, fidelity and hope of fertility. The bride’s selected blooms are a way for her to express her personal style, taste and personality and an essential complement to her gown.

Savvy Silks is here to bring your vision to life of the ultimate bridal bouquet with silk flowers that will last a lifetime. There’s no need to worry about preserving your bouquet after the big day, instead, pick the perfect vase and your wedding flowers will be with you, reminding you of the day that you chose each other.

Susan Scholz, Master Artist & Founder of Savvy-Silks

Born with creative spirit and the ability to express myself through many forms of art, I found myself in love with flowers.

I enjoy creating bouquets and centerpieces for Weddings & Events. There’s nothing more satisfying then making someone else’s day beautiful.
Savvy-Silks is my pride and joy and is affiliated with
Hurn Events Management & The Giving Experts.

This allows me to throw myself into the beauty and creative flow of crafting your arrangements; while the good people of
The Giving Experts organize everything for us through their store. I look forward to creating your centerpieces, bouquets and anything else you may need for your Wedding or Event.

Let Love Bloom,

Susan Scholz
Master Florist & Founder of Savvy-Silks
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